Friday, 17 August 2012


This product can be purchased all over the Internet and caution should be made when purchasing one also you should be careful as to what size needle you choose.
If you want the deeper needles up to 2.0mm take note they are usually only used by beauty salons and do hurt with some bleeding and the face is usually numbed before the roller is used this method is only done every 6-8 weeks as this procedure usually goes quite deep into the skin personally im not interested in this much trauma to my skin but I hear it works well.

Moving onto me and my experience I bought a 0.5mm to use on my face which was £8.00 came in a sterile package and a nice box with it too, I did a bit of research first and thought the 0.2mm seems a bit of a waste of time as it doesnt penetrate deep enough into the skin and as I looked into other sizes thought the 1.0mm was a bit to thick so everything seemed to come down to the 0.5mm especially as a do it yourself treatment.

I did read the instructions carefully and even though I was nervous I went for it. The instructions are basically roll up six times roll across six times roll diagonally left 6 times and right 6 times then move onto the next area and repeat.

I did this but felt it wasnt enough so being the fool that I am did it again!!!! they say you maybe look a bit red like a sunburn but I ended up looking like I had been sunbathing all day without any sunscreen on and it was sore as hell, I managed to catch my nose a few times with led to it bleeding (nothing to bad) the next day it had eased off but was still a bit sore looking but my fault I thought I needed more rolls than needed.

Now the 0.5 mm roller recommends you can use it twice a week, but I had to wait a week as I was so over keen the first time that I think my face took a little bit longer to get back to normal.  The second time I used it was better and I didnt over do it.  I have used it 4 times and cant see any difference but I will give it a good try as it can take months to see improvements.

It hurts not enough to make you scream but rolling needles over the face isnt like a nice massage its uncomfortable but bearable.

do not do this before a night out do it two days before a big event and dont overdo it either. wouldnt recommend you do it just before bed either.

Do not put your normal face cream straight on top of it leave it a good few hours first to settle down and dont put harsh face creams on as wouldnt think it would help.

If you have bleeding like I did around the nose then get yourself a bottle of witch hazel put some on cotton wool and dab the blooded areas, also use this to sterilise the roller to its a great all round cleanser.

Do not use on your eyelids or lips common sense here as its different skin.

Go from 6 rolls to 10 after a few gos if you skin is getting used to it.

If your husband laughs at your red face then slap his so it matches yours lol.

Take it easy with roller (weapon) its not a race you only have one face!!

I will keep this updated as as hoping this will as promised improve skin tone, scars, acne, and wrinkles.

Ok so I have been using this a while now Im not convinced as yet that its some new fantastic device and I dont recommend you use it twice a week as by the time your skin has settled down your using it again so doesnt make sense to do this.  I think that once a week is fine my skin looks good but Im not sure its down to this,  I will give it a couple of more months.

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  1. Really great comments about dermarolling and the emotions that go along with the process. Specially love the husband slapping part :) Have you tried the dermarolling afterwards also? How did it go? Did you experience good changes? :)